How It Works!

Welcome to CalorieFeed — an innovative approach to healthy living and charitable giving! Our online market exchange has the ability to connect you with fitness enthusiasts, generous sponsors, partners and charitable organizations that share your commitment and compassion to help feed the hungry and malnourished. We do this by taking your burned calories and converting them into dollars--dollars that go far in the fight against hunger. Why burn calories simply for yourself when you can donate them to someone in need? At CalorieFeed, we help you do just that. Become an individual member today and reach your fitness and charitable goals-- one calorie at a time.

Healthy Living

CalorieFeed is an exciting way for you to get fit, lose weight and lead a healthier lifestyle. By becoming a member of our online community, you’re instantly connected with others just like you interested in looking fit, feeling good and giving back others. Here at CalorieFeed we’re committed to providing a fun, fresh and more meaningful approach to exercise and dieting to all our members.

Charitable Giving

Here at CalorieFeed, a calorie goes a long way.... and it all starts with you! Your fitness-focused charitable campaign starts with you burning calories--whether it’s a trip to the gym, rollerskating with your kids or running a marathon. CalorieFeed is the only online market exchange where calories converted to dollars are collected, purchased and dispersed as a way to promote anti-obesity efforts and support hunger-fighting initiatives.

Reduce Healthcare Costs

As rising healthcare prices cut deeper into your budget, cost control measures can be as simple as encouraging employees to live a healthier lifestyle. High blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and chronic health conditions are associated with poor diet and lack of exercise-- not too mention high stress levels and lowered productivity. Wellness programs, where prevention is the key to healthy living, may reduce health-related costs in the workplace which means more money in your pocket and in your company’s bottom line. Remember, a healthier more productive workplace starts with you. Join CalorieFeed today!

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