About Us

At CalorieFeed we can help you make a difference in your life and in the lives of others ... and it all begins with a calorie.

Driven to make a difference in the world, Jessica Rae Levin created CalorieFeed as a way to revolutionize the fight against world hunger by connecting fitness enthusiasts and sponsors with charitable organizations. As a fun, fresh and more meaningful approach to exercise and dieting, CalorieFeed is the only online market exchange where calories are collected, converted to dollars and then dispersed as a way to promote anti-obesity efforts as well as support hunger-fighting initiatives. With an estimated 1.7 billion of the world's population overweight or obese compared to the 870 million who go hungry, there has never been such stark disparities between the two issues.

CalorieFeed is a revolutionary and exciting way for individuals to get fit and lose weight while at the same time aid charities in life-saving missions around the world. This is achieved by members of CalorieFeed tracking, accumulating, monetizing, and transferring their donated calories directly to charitable organizations. Every transaction-- whether entering calories, donating calories or converting calories to dollars--can be accomplished right here at CalorieFeed.com.

Corporate and individual sponsorship serve an important function at CalorieFeed. While sponsorship does provide the motivation and encouragement necessary for members to achieve their fitness goals, it also plays a role in the reduction of healthcare costs for individuals and their families as well as employers. Wellness programs have been linked to lower stress levels and greater productivity in the workplace, and according to several recent studies, they may help reduce health-related costs for the employer. With insurance costs on the rise, there's never been a better time than now to invest in the health of American workers and their families.

There is something for everyone at CalorieFeed! From weight loss and healthy living to philanthropy and social awareness, this is a platform where fitness enthusiasts, sponsors and charitable organizations come together to bridge the great caloric divide. Because a calorie should never go to waste!

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