Looking Forward

As we expand our reach locally and throughout the nation, CalorieFeed is mapping a plan for an exciting future. New partnerships and innovative incentive programs will create many worthwhile opportunities for charities, members and sponsors alike as we continue to introduce wellness initiatives and join the fight against hunger.

Disaster Relief

When disaster threatens or strikes, CalorieFeed will offer members and sponsors the chance to redirect donations to the nutrition needs of disaster survivors. Violent storms and man-made disasters can wreck havoc on communities, families and individuals. Our goal at CalorieFeed is to help the hungry in the aftermath of a catastrophe.


CalorieFeed is looking to partner with healthcare insurance companies that recognize the many incentives in wellness programs. Our goal is to get insurers on board by allowing them to sponsor a member if the members are current policy holders. We’re also interested in encouraging insurers to give corporations with 50 or more employees signed up on CalorieFeed a discount on their corporate healthcare premiums.

In the coming months, we’d like to develop relationships with major grocery chains throughout the United States. Our goal is to create a program where grocery stores can sponsor members by purchasing calories that will be converted directly into food items. These items, of course, will go directly to food banks and charities and into the hands of the hungry.

Member Incentives

As members continue to burn calories and build up their calorie vaults, CalorieFeed will issue rewards like discounts to grocery and sporting goods stores, companies selling apparel, nutritional products, workout equipment, and much more. Here at CalorieFeed, it pays to burn calories in more ways than one. We’d love to tell you more about CalorieFeed! Please contact us!

Corporate Memberships

There is an undeniable link between rising rates of obesity and rising medical spending. According to the CDC (The Center for Disease Control and Prevention), each year the American economy incurs an additional $147 billion, roughly 20% of our national healthcare budget, towards the medical needs that develop due to obesity. A good portion of this debt is financed by Medicare and Medicaid.  The Labor Department reports that as The Affordable Care Act continues to roll out it will be implementing and expanding employer wellness programs which may offer our nation the opportunity to not only improve the health of Americans, but also help control health care spending. With these objectives in mind, CalorieFeed is the perfect partner as it offers employers a fun, interactive way for employees to burn calories, maintain good health and give back to the community! In the future we will be approaching small companies and larger corporations in an effort to engage them in this "paying it forward" movement!

Sponsorship Opportunities

In the very near future CalorieFeed will be creating opportunities for visitors to the site who are unfamiliar with it's members to purchase calories burned and stored in an existing member's vault in order to make a charitable donation to one of the selected charities. If you would like to learn more about sponsorship opportunities, please contact us!