How does CalorieFeed work?

CalorieFeed is a place where fitness enthusiasts, charitable organizations, generous sponsors and you can come together to battle obesity and fight world hunger! Whether you’re a fitness fanatic or someone dedicated to losing those extra pounds and getting healthy, your first step is to become a member and create a profile. As a member, you can connect with others who are looking to get fit for a good cause as well as find sponsorship and support for your calorie burning, hunger-fighting mission! CalorieFeed is currently partnered with five charities and food banks throughout the United States.

In addition, your CalorieFeed membership makes it extremely easy to donate your hard-earned burned calories to the people who need them most. Only your burned calories won’t be calories anymore ... they’ll be converted to dollars. And every dollar, just like every last little calorie, will go far towards the fight against hunger! For every 100 calories burned and deposited into your personal calorie vault on your profile page, one dollar will be available to donate to charity.

How do I create a profile on CalorieFeed?

If you want to look and feel your best while doing good things for others, then CalorieFeed is the place for you. If you’re new to CalorieFeed, we are an online market exchange where heart-pounding calories are converted into life-saving dollars and donated to charitable organizations. Once you become a member and create a profile, it’s up to you to enter and track how many calories you burn. Those calories will then be placed in your own personal vault found on your profile page and sponsors can purchase calories and make a donation to the charity of your choice.

What’s more, CalorieFeed’s profile creation wizard will walk you through the steps of creating your own page where you can upload photos, write about yourself and share your goals with friends on social media channels.

Why should I share my profile page with others?

A profile on CalorieFeed is your opportunity to share your fitness goals, experiences and photos with fellow members, charities and sponsors. All member profile pages will be available for viewing in the CalorieFeed directory so it’s important for you to post goals and track your accomplishments in order to attract sponsors who will purchase your hard burned calories and donate them to to help feed those who are in need. Sponsors can be friends and family or you can search for corporate sponsorship.

At CalorieFeed, we like to share! So as a member, you are strongly encouraged to connect and share your CalorieFeed profile page on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Sharing over social networks is a vital part of the process at CalorieFeed because it allows the movement to grow and thrive into something bigger and better for everyone involved. And besides, why would you keep all those burned calories to yourself? Share your accomplishments, and more importantly, share your mission to get fit and fight world hunger!