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Thank you for your interest in helping people around the world lead healthier lives! CalorieFeed is an online market exchange where burned calories are collected, converted to dollars and then dispersed to food banks and hunger-fighting charities in the United States. While members of CalorieFeed do their part by burning and tracking calories, sponsors like you can purchase their calories to benefit one or more of our growing list of charitable organizations.

As a sponsor, you can help members of CalorieFeed reach their fitness and charitable-giving goals by purchasing calories from their “calorie vault” located on their profile page. Simply choose the amount of calories you’d like to buy and your generous donation will go directly to charity. Each member of CalorieFeed, if they have chosen to publicly display their membership listing, has a list of charities that they are raising funds for. These charitable organizations can be found on their individual profile pages. With your support and encouragement, you can help members of CalorieFeed burn more calories to fuel the fight against hunger and malnutrition. Sponsor a CalorieFeed member today!

Our dedicated and generous CalorieFeed community is powering wellness initiatives and joining the fight against hunger. We thank you for your sponsorship! Your charitable donation will help change the lives of many people as charities and food banks use your funds to provide comfort and nourishment to those who need it most. And it all starts with a calorie!

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