Turning Your Fitness Goals into the Force Against World Hunger




GymFreeFitness is a “personal trainer” designed fitness program that allows you to workout anytime, anywhere. It was created as a home-based solution for anyone who wants personal training results without being forced into an uncomfortable gym-like setting. If you don't have time for the gym or just don't want to go to a gym, now you can still accomplish high quality workouts at home that can be adapted for all fitness levels.

Each month members of GymFreeFitness receive16 - 20 brand new body weight workouts so that they have the proper instruction to help them become strong and lean. They can perform these workouts wherever they want, whenever they want, and each one only takes between 20 and 45 minutes.

Members are always given new challenging workouts that keep them engaged, not bored. They also have access to insider nutritional information, interviews and other helpful tools to accelerate their results. Each week GymFreeFitness sends its members the GFF Weekly Wrap Up to make certain that they know exactly where to download their next workouts as well as any other updates we've developed for them.

Gym Free Fitness also hosts a private Facebook community that all members can take advantage of to get extra help from our trainers and motivation from other clients all over the country. Gym Free Fitness is more than just a workout plan, a cookbook or a gym membership with no follow up or instruction - we've created a community to help our members succeed and grow.

GymFreeFitness is offering all members of CalorieFeed a 20% discount on their annual membership for GymFreeFitness. To find out more about joining GymFreeFitness and your discounted membership, visit https://gymfreeworkouts.com/pricing and when prompted, enter the discount code: CFEED20.

Whether you're a new to fitness or more advanced, the monthly downloads come with instructions on how to make each exercise easier and each exercise harder. For additional information about the Gym Free Fitness programs please email: Support@GymFreeWorkouts.com.