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Mozambique Orphanage Project


Project Mozambique

“In Mozambique, 44% of children suffer from stunted development due to malnutrition” (UNICEF)

The purpose of Mozambique Orphanage Project is to raise funds for an orphanage and other youth-oriented programs in Manjacaze (Southern Mozambique), by a group of nuns belonging to the order of Irmãs Concepcionistas. The nuns provide food, shelter, and support for children who have been orphaned due to HIV/AIDS or other causes, and at-risk children in need of adequate nutrition. Their programs include: 1) an orphanage, which shelters 10 children (and growing); 2) the "Table," a program that provides a noon meal for hundreds of school children; 3) the Nutritional Center, which provides support for malnourished babies and their mothers; and 4) a kindergarten.

In the summer of 2012, DU Professor M. Dores Cruz and DU graduate students Jennifer Moon and Carly Santoro were able to experience firsthand the amazing impact of these nuns on the Manjacaze community. The nuns run, manage, and design all of the programs in order to make them the most beneficial to the community. When you donate to the Mozambique Orphanage Project, your funds will go toward supporting their work and the children who benefit from their various programs. We believe strongly in the effectiveness of these projects and feel confident that donated funds will be used to their maximum efficiency.

Last year, we raised enough funds for the roofing materials of the new orphanage house, but there is still much to do to complete and furnish the building. With your support we can ensure that these caring women continue to provide not only a safe home where orphaned children can grow and thrive, but also daily school meals and much-needed nutrition for children and their families.

Currently the orphaned children need adequate furniture and they need funds for the functioning of the orphanage and school fees. All the kids attend the official school and the sisters pay for their uniforms, school fees and school materials.

Paz e Bem – Peace and Goodness

For more information please email Dores at mdores.cruz@gmail.com