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Emergency Foodshelf Network



Emergency Foodshelf Network is a full service food bank, providing quality, nutritious food and support services to over 200 hunger relief partners, including food shelves, on-site meal programs, and Fare For All sites, throughout the state of Minnesota.

Emergency Food Network began in 1976 as a coalition of twelve food shelves in Hennepin County. Officially incorporated as Emergency Foodshelf Network in 1986, we have grown into a full service food bank with over 200 hunger relief partners statewide, providing free food, access to bulk food purchasing, and formalized food drive programs.

Throughout our 35-year history, we have worked with food shelves, meal providers and other organizations to provide access to free quality food and bulk food at or below wholesale prices.

As it became clear emergency food distribution could not be the only response to hunger, we worked with our community partners to develop supplemental hunger relief and nutrition programs such as Fare For All and Mobile Foodshelf.

We also offer food shelves free delivery, and outreach and advocacy opportunities. Unlike some food banks, we do not charge membership or handling fees to our network of hunger relief programs. In 2012, we provided $9.5 million worth of food and services to our partners.

Partner agencies receive free donations from EFN, and accent what isn’t donated by purchasing basic staples at or below wholesale cost through EFN’s bulk purchasing program. Purchased items include rice, beans, stews, frozen chicken, eggs, hygiene products, and many others. EFN works hard to provide the best possible price to stretch budgets of partnering agencies.

Other resources provided to partners include free and subsidized delivery, information technology and training.

For more information about the Emergency Food Network call, (763) 450-3860 or visit, http://www.emergencyfoodshelf.org.